Vocational Training



11th Batch (June 2012 to May 2013)


Vocational Training is one of the important element of the education initiatives of our programmes. Vocational Education play’s its part effectively in changing the future of the youth. Vocational training is flexible, contemporary, relevant, inclusive and creative. The one month observation period in the vocational training centre gave the trainees to prepare themselves to undergo different trades especially the preparatory programme in English has done a remarkable impact to the trainees as during the course they were able to understand easily the terms and complicated technical words.




10th Batch (June 2011 to May 2012)


The 80 applicants who were admitted to the vocational training were very successful in the University Examination which was held in the Months of May – June 2012. Seminars/workshops were conducted to the trainees on personality development, career guidance and coping mechanism by Mr. Anto Vincent and Joseph Johnson. All the students got en effective exposure by the seminars/workshops. The spoken English which were imparted during the first three months made the trainees to be well versed to communicate in English. Now they are able to speak simple sentences and it is happy to see that they are able to communicate with each other in English. They have also been given enough exposure on coping with shyness, time management, interview skills etc in order to make them equip in all components. Out of the 80 trainees 50 trainees were successful in getting placements in the company’s. Out of the remaining 30 trainees 20 of them went for their higher studies and 10 of them migrated to near by districts along with their parents.



  • They feel delighted to study in our technical training Centre
  • They posses good discipline and manners
  • They respect the elders
  • They acquired more knowledge by attending seminars and lectures
  • The Alumni’s attended the meeting with great enthusiasm
  • They have expelled their inferiority complex
  • They got respect from their parents, friends and in the Society
  • They gained hope and self confidence