Runaway of Children from homes is a constant problem throughout the year. By our past experience, it is learnt that the runaway of children is due to various reasons such as atrocity from parents and society and also the scariness of school education plays a important role for their runaway. Rehabilitation of runaway children is one of the significant measure in our programme which has a great role in reuniting the children with their families. From 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013 a total of 265 children have been identified from Bus stands, Railway station, market places and also from cinema theatres. Of the total 265 children 195 children have been brought to our Child Resource Centre for Rehabilitation. The remaining 70 children who have run away for silly reasons such as (eagerness to see cinema, lack of interest to go to school etc were facilitated to get back their homes with the help of local police authorities and railway employees. The 195 children who were brought to our Child Resource Centre have been facilitated to tell about the reason for their disintegration from families. Ten girl children have been facilitated for admission in the Government observation home and they have been ensured whether they have been properly home placed. The 185 children were boys and they have been given the basic amenities such as food and clothing. The identifiers gave counseling and got the addresses of the children and went to their parents and were successful in home placing 185 children.


A total number 195 Children have been identified and brought to the centre during the reporting period. Out of this


a.         Home placement alone                                                            :    165

b.         Job Placement along with Home placement                             :      20

b.         Admitted in observation home                                                  :      10

Total                                                                                       :     195




Proper counseling were given to make the runaway children understands the ethics and the necessity of a family and made them to accept to be reunited with their homes. Simultaneously the addresses of their parents have also been found out and the identifiers gave adequate counseling to the parents to accept their runaway children.


Home Placement


Separated children face serious problems. Reuniting them with their parents or rehabilitating them permanently is issues that need to be addressed and streamlined. Shanthi Nilayam believes that there is no place like home for a child. This belief is backed by years of work on home placement. Rehabilitation is easy if the child has good behaviour and there are no problems at the child’s home. Otherwise the child, if rehabilitated may not be well cared for and might return back to the streets. Following are situations where home placement is done only after a lot of diligence. The role of identifiers was important in identifying the homes of the runaway children.  Most of the parents were happy on hearing their child is safe and they urge to bring back their child to their homes. The children were also motivated to go back to the family and get reunited. The children were happy after reunited with their parents. A total of 170 children have been home placed. Follow up action has since been carried out to see whether these children are leading a peaceful life in their homes.



Job Placement


Of the 195 children who have brought to the centre 20 children who are in the age groups of 14 years are in a position to seek jobs and are facilitated to get suitable jobs in their home villages or near by towns. Two wheeler workshops, Cake bakeries, Tea shops are the places where the children are job placed. In the evening after their jobs are over they will be back to their homes


Observation Home Placement


Out of the 195 children who were brought to the child resource centre for rehabilitation ten girls in the age group of 10 to 13 years were admitted in the Government Observation Homes. Theses girls have been monitored by the staff of our organization and ensured that they have been home placed.




  • A total of 195 children got a chance to be reunited with their families.
  • The children are very much happy after meeting their family members.
  • 20 children have been job placed along with home placement
  • 10 girl children have been reunited with their parents through observation home.
  • The family members are motivated to take care their precious children

The Children are leading a peaceful life