• Sensitization / Creating Awareness
  • Lobbying & Advocacy
  • Network with Medias/NGOS/Govt. Depts./INGOS/Industrial Partners



The campaign is considered as the powerful strategy to create awareness on the child rights among the target villages in particular and the society at large. Transfer of knowledge to the village folk is done in the traditional media that is appropriate to the local conditions in which the people feel oneness with the media.  Items like street theatre, folklore, folk dance, skits, drum beating, etc. are the main cultural media used to create awareness. Apart from these they also use leaflets, banners, etc. for campaigning. Shanthi Nilayam has a highly talented cultural team and it has trained children and women in this programme.

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  • Submitting brief position papers or memoranda to political leaders and government officials explaining the problems faced by the community people.
  • Making oral presentations to parliamentary portfolio committee hearings.
  • Conducting research and collecting data to back up the proposals made.
  • Writing letters to individual politicians to solicit their support.
  • Signing petitions that are delivered  to a political figure or government officials.
    • Awareness campaigns engaging the public.
    • Information workshops targeting civil society organisations.
    • Engaging the media through editorial pieces, letters, and phone .
    • Hosting street demonstrations



Shanthi Nilaym had a good rapport  with other NGO’s and Media people in addressing common issues of interest. It also had a good understanding with govt departments in bringing social schemes to the needy people.

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