Child Development



Non-Formal Education


Main streaming the children who have lost their chances to get in to the regular schools was the only motive oNon –formal Education centers. Children below the age group of 14 years are under going play way method of education. Children above 14 years were given chance to undergo vocational education in our centre through women groups. The Children who are learning in the centre will be enrolled in the regular schools in the coming academic year by the active participation of the concerned women groups in the villages.


Supplementary Education


The after school education programme is of great use to the children. The supplementary education centres are actively running under the proper monitoring mechanism of the women groups. The school going children are getting a chance to properly utilize the time by sitting and studying in a class room atmosphere during evenings otherwise they would be wandering  in the streets which ultimately they become dropouts. Average of 30 to 40 students from each village is regularly attending the supplementary education classes.


School going Children

The special attention which is given to the 10th standard regular school going children is of great use to them. The children who are dull and are unable to compete with other students are facilitated to undergo coaching classes in our centre and they are well trained in the week subjects. Nearly 53 students are studying in the centre. After coming to the coaching classes the students are able to learn their lessons well and are confident to take up the examination.


10th Standard Direct Students

The students who are failed/ unable to undergo school education but have the aspiration to study are given a chance to write their 10th standard government examination directly by giving extensive coaching in our centre for all the subjects. They need not go to school and can write their government examination directly.  Nearly 28 students are undergoing coaching.


School Enrollment

A total of 412 children at the age group of 5 to 6 years have been enrolled in local schools during June/ July 2012 for their 1st standard. Identification of children at the school going age from the 4 blocks comprising of 60 project villages was done by regular house visit. Counseling to the parents was done to educate the parents on the need and importance of education and make them to send their children to school regularly. The staffs and women Sangam members took great effort in enrolling the children in schools.


The summer camps were successful and nearly about 58 Children attended the camp which was held during May 10 to May 24th 2012. The children utilized their holidays by attending the summer camps and got a chance to improve their skills, quality and learning abilities. The basics of English, spoken English, Maths, Science were taught in the camp. They were given writing materials and given good food. They resided in our centre during the camp period and incorporated the talents and learning capacities which were imparted to them.


The childhood festival was conducted in Kanai Block on 15.06.12, Vikravandi block 16.07.12, koliayanoor block on 17.09.12, and Kandamangalam block on 21.01.13. The child hood festival gave a overall dimension in making the Children to get a chance to exhibit their talents and to enjoy the occasion and they also eagerly attended the celebration. Sports meets were conducted and prizes were distributed to the children. Average  of 200 children from each block participated in the events.



  • The children are enjoying learning
  • They realized the importance of education
  • They rejoiced the childhood
  • They have learnt to read and write simple words and sentences.
  • They have learnt about good sanitation and good health.
  • The children found easy to learn subjects through play way method.
  • The children are regularly attending the schools.
  • The class room performance is good.
  • They posses good discipline and they respect the elders
  • The success in the 10th standard exam were on the increase