• Night Shelter
  • Child Resource Centres
  • Contact Centre
  • Vocational Training Centre


The street and working children have been given accommodation for the purpose of reforming them by pursuing education, involving in small savings and learning good values in life. Besides, this unit also took care of the children who abandoned their families due to several reasons and landed at Villupuram without any source of livelihood.

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The  Child Resource Center was established in the year 1998 and have helped immensely to have transit stay for the children who are runaway from homes and  also to the children who are rag pickers, working in hotels, workshops etc. The Street/ Runaway and Working Children have been provided with Safe Shelter, Food and Psychosocial counseling and most of them have been reintegrated with their families.

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Shanthi Nilayam started contact centers at Railway Station and Bus Stand and other strategic places where the run away children normally found wandering. This expansion took place in the year 1992.  The children who deserted their families, those who have single parents and suffered in families were given proper orientation and provided opportunities to pursue their schooling with another novel initiative of starting the Child Labour Rehabilitation Center in 1995.

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Vocational Training centre at Perumpakkam was established in the year 2001 to School dropouts, Street children and Child labourers who are unable to go to regular schools had played a vital role in bringing back the undeserved youths to get meaningful prospects in their life. The skill training, which is given in the Vocational Training Centre, has proved to be more effective in terms of Job placements, personality development, communication skills, life skills etc. Vocational training encompasses all measures through which young people attain qualifications allowing them access to employment and income, be it as employees in a corporate or as self-employed worker. A special characteristic of vocational training is its practical relevance. The dedicated service of the vocational training centre with the sophisticated infrastructure funded by AHB made proud to the unskilled youths to get skill training and most of them have been mainstreamed.

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